Moving My… ‘Talents’

I’ll be moving my blog to There’re going to be way more food experiences, lots of cured meats, and maybe, just maybe, some vegan recipes.

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Tempeh (tem-pay) almost sounds like some place in Arizona. Either that or for those in the know, it sounds like some disgusting health food. In this case, we’re talking about the ‘disgusting health food’.

So what exactly is this strange city-sounding disgusting health food? It’s really sort of a fermented soy bean cake that originated in Indonesia. Think of it as… soy bean cheese. Unlike tofu, it’s fermented in a way that binds whole soy beans together. These things are really high in protein too. Apparently the fermentation does something that makes the proteins more digestible.

When I was a kid, my mom would buy these from the market wrapped in banana leaves. Just like cheese, you might spot a bit of mold here and there. Unlike cheese, you’ll have to cook it before eating it. My mom would pan fry them till crisp.

Pan fried tempeh

I spotted some frozen temper at the Asian grocery store and I got a pack. Upon opening the package at home, the first thing that occurred to me was that this thing smelled a little funky, but nothing too unappetizing. All that was left to do was to slice them up real thin and pan fry them till crisp.

Include it as a side to my mushroom rice and stir fried lettuce and we’ve got a meal! A done in less than 15 minutes.

Dinner with a side of tempeh

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Vegan Month is Over

Yes, the month of eating vegan is over. I’m kind of backlogged with pictures and food to post.

But all in all, it was fun. It was exciting. Now my mind is buzzing with new ways of putting ingredients together.

Some people have asked – so what did you eat when you broke  your fast? Honestly, I didn’t go that meat crazy. I broke the diet for dinner on the 31st.

This was what I had:

Chicken Macaroni Soup

It may sound and look a little strange to some of you but this is my comfort food. Macaroni in a flavorful chicken & cabbage broth topped with shredded chicken, chilis, fried shallots, spring onions and cilantro.

I’ll keep posting stuff for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. In the mean time, I’m thinking of continuing to blog about my food adventures despite being done with this vegan stuff.

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The Secret Life of Beef

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Day 26 – WIHFB

Breakfast, not lunch. I was starving from the moment I woke up. I had some leftover black beans (home made of course). Putting a twist on shoyu ramen (ramen noodles in a soy sauce broth), I decided to make a black bean broth instead. I added some soy sauce for seasoning, reduced the broth and poured it over ramen.

Ramen noodles in a black bean broth, a little different but still a breakfast I wouldn't mind waking up to

These are the kinds of thoughts I wake up to.

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Day 25 – Mushroom Miracle Grain

Sorry folks for the lack of posts the last few days. It’s been a pretty busy week so far.

Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween, Jeremy and I had people over to carve pumpkins. With it being a pretty big party weekend, I didn’t really have the time or the energy to do any grocery shopping on Sunday. Since we were carving pumpkins, I wanted to use some kind of squash. I had a triple threat of having to use pantry ingredients, including a squash in the dish and keeping a meal vegan to make something for a bunch of hungry people.

Inspired by Jenna’s pumpkin basmati and this recipe from Roger Ebert’s The Pot and How to Use It, I was ready for this task.

One of my friends coming over was supposedly off of white grains for a couple of weeks so I decided to use some quinoa instead.


This is what quinoa looks like


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Day 25 – WIHFL

Dried Shitake Mushrooms and Rice

I made this in the morning. All I did was throw in some dry shitake mushrooms that were soaked overnight (you don’t have to do it overnight but I started it off last night so I wouldnt’ have to do it in the morning), cut them up, throw the soaking liquid, mushrooms, rice and cut shallots into the rice cooker, hit cook and it’s done.

Simple, fast, delicious.

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